Friday, June 15, 2012

Busy bee but have been cooking

Hi everyone! No new doodled recipes yet, I'm really sorry. Actually, I lie, I started the Mardártej one but only got as far as drawing out the cute little illustration for it.

My online classes started up a few weeks ago and I'm now in a web design class, one of my projects will be making a website based on the theme of food throughout different eras in the 1900's.
So part of my project was finding foods that were popular from three different eras, finding a recipe for them, and cooking them. So I've been busy cooking and baking this week but I've really enjoyed it because it also meant bringing new things into my family's diet, since my mum has a habit of making the same things over and over.
For the era of 1900-1939 I chose French Onion Soup to make: 
I took this one as I was caramelizing the onions. A little after this picture I did end up burning some on the bottom, I blame negligence and the fact my teflon pans need to be replaced soon.

And after the soup finished I cut up some bread (in massive pieces, I should've cut them smaller) and melted Gruyère cheese over it to make breadcrumbs for the soup.
It turned out really good though. :)