Thursday, April 5, 2012

Madártej - YUM!

Hi everyone!
So I got around to baking a few days ago, if you count making custards baking; not that I haven't made anything the past few months in the past but they weren't notable enough to be mentioned. My boyfriend is from Hungary and over there they have a dessert called "Madártej" (translates to "Bird Milk"), it's basically a Creme Anglaise/English Cream dessert with floating puffs of meringue-like dumplings. My boyfriend said it was very good and told me to give it a try, since I was interested in making it. So I went on to do so. It came out great, though I will admit that as an American working with the metric system of baking/cooking was strange to me but it worked out fine, I think I over-did it a tiny bit with the vanilla though and also my puffs didn't come out as puffy as I was hoping. Really, the puffs are just whipped egg whites and that's it, they taste great with the creme though. 
So here's how mine looked:

See? I even drizzled some caramelized sugar on it.
All in all, it turned out great and I definitely plan on doodling a recipe for this. :)

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