Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tortilla Recipe (Semi-homemade)

    Well... I've still been far too busy to doodle those recipes but I remembered last year I had taken some step by step pictures on making homemade tortillas using store bought tortilla flour (note: I do know how to make them from scratch from my mum my mum is Honduran so of course she'd know to make them and teach me since they're a big thing in her country, but it's one of those cases where it's done guesstimating and not by measurement... D:)

Flour Torilla using the Flour Tortilla flour/mix
Because there's so many pictures I'll be posting thumbnails, you can click them to see them bigger. =]

This is the mix I'm using, Quaker Harina Preparada para Tortillas. You can find this at Walmart/Target in the baking/flour section. If not there, try the area with Latin American food:
There's directions on the back for how many you want to make. It's pretty straight forward but meh, doing a tutorial on it anyways. :D
  • You will need a large bowl, a skillet, a rolling pin, counter space, a measuring cup,and hands (I REALLY hope you have these). xD
  • Since I made 12 tortillas, I used 2 cups of the tortilla flour and a 1/2 cup of warm water:
  • Now mix it together with your hands until it thickens into a dough:

  • When it begin to thicken, knead it; this may take a while and your arms might be sore but it's worth it:
  • Now let it sit for about 5-10 minutes, cover it with a cloth or something:
  • Once it's been 5 minutes, take it out and knead it a little:
  • Now make it into a bunch of tiny balls, 12 in this case:
  • Take one of the little balls of dough and smash it in your hand to flat it out a bit. Then set it down and push in from the middle and out so it stretches a little. You want it relatively thin but not too thin, with is when the rolling pin will come in:

  • Now turn on your cast iron skillet to medium heat and let it heat up. Then put your tortilla on it. For the love of the noms, please do not put oil on the skillet, we are not frying this, I promise they will not stick. Let it cook on one side, think of pancakes...just make sure you're checking on it every so often so it's not burning:
  • Flip over after 30-50 seconds or so (time may vary) after placing it down. They cook quick. It should look like this, even a little darker:
  • Now flip that baby over, let it cook, then take remove it and place it wrapped in a towel so it stays warm:

And now you're done!
I suggest making Baleadas with this which are:
"baleada is a wheat flour tortilla, often quite thick, folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans"
Basically a soft-shell taco but with just beans and cheese, though you can add whatever you'd like to it like eggs, ground beef, pork, etc.

On an unrelated note, I turn 18 next month and I already have an idea for my birthday cake this year:
Yes, I do have a tumblr, it's art-related though, please don't kill me. I do apologize for the watermark, though, I've had some trouble with my art theft here on blogger, but it's all settle now. x3
But anyways, yeah, I thought this would be silly; have pedobear walking away somewhat disappoint because I'll no longer be jailbait. I might change up the design later on for the actual cake, I'm not big on just having myself doing nothing in the corner there and the fact it's only a bust-shot bothers me too. But yeah, that's the basic idea.
Last year's cake looked like this (oh the terrible proportions; check out those different arm lengths T~T):


  1. Omg that tortilla recipe is amazing thanks!

    early happy birthday :D
    i don't turn 18 for 3 more months ;_;

  3. Looks great, hope you have a great birthday!