Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home-made chocolate, you say?

       Welp, it's 5 am and I should be working on a project for economics and various assignments for other online classes but I'll get to them later. So 2 days ago my neighbor picked us a TON of strawberries, I'm talking two bowls full. I can't figure out what to make with them, I really don't want strawberry shortcake, perhaps I'll make strawberry sorbet. Anyways, I was craving some strawberries and chocolate, but of course, we had no chocolate and I can't drive (nor do I have the money to run to the store and buy chocolate if I could drive) so I was like "Fuck". I remembered we have some cocoa powder though and I figured there's got to be a way to make chocolate or at least a chocolate sauce using that and a few other ingredients. So I googled it and sure enough, there is a way.
     So I make it, ended up using all my cocoa powder, some milk, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Very simple to make and it doesn't taste too bad, I'm assuming at least because my cocoa powder was pretty old but it tasted fine. It's rich and has a fairly nice color and texture to it as long as you sift the sugar before adding it in or it'll clump up. I think the amount of butter was a little high, though. I'll probably make a recipe tomorrow and alter it a bit to my liking and hopefully yours too, who likes buttery chocolate anyways? D:
      I've still got loads of strawberries left:
That's not even all of it. Hopefully I'll figure out what to make with it and freeze the rest for later.

Oh! On a side note, I'm really happy because I saw someone bought 2 shirts of mine on my zazzle, 2! ;////;


  1. those strawberries look delicious (drool)

  2. Post a link to you t-shirts, please.
    If they look as good as your doodles, i may be interested as well ;)

  3. @ Dende - I might do so in the future once I have more designs for shirts and such; I'll admit most are cutesy and probably wouldn't interest guys. ^_^;;