Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baking sugar cookies

Well, good news. I'll be posting 2 new recipes up this week (probably during the weekend); I was able to make homemade chocolate and now I'm in the process of making homemade sugar cookies.
Warning: Excuse the messy bed-head hair, hehe. :3
Ta-da! A big bowl of cookie dough so far. This is a shit-load of cookie dough, funny story I was reading this recipe and didn't look at how much it yields (don't know what I was thinking). So I'm standing over at the counter (woo it's messy right now, sorry about that. ^_^;;) and I'm reading the recipe and it's asking for large amounts of sugar, butter, flour, etc. so I figured it would be big....I'm used to the normal 25-cookie recipes.
Well it turns out this one's supposed to yield 60 cookies. 60! And don't get me wrong, I love cookies but that is a bit too much for me and my family. Now I'm thinking of seeing if I can mail them to people (friends that live out of state) and give some to neighbors. If the mailing process is successful and they don't spoil maybe I can start up some home-business based on baking cookies and stuff. I think it would be a neat and fun way to make money. We'll see though.
But anyways, I'll let you know how it comes out. I've got this crazy plan to try and make them into shapes of my chibis and decorate them like so with royal icing. x3


  1. good luck with your home-business ;)
    Well, at least we now know, why you call yourself "Curly" online :D

  2. Haha mail me some cookies :3

    p.s your hair looks fine :)


  4. Yummeh!! Followed!