Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and update!

My costume probably isn't recognizable but that's okay.
Anyways, tonight I'm going to try to bake a dobostorta cake. We'll see how it comes out and I'll take pictures. I really plan on getting this blog up and running again! I'll also make sure to doodle a recipe or two this week; I promised to do so on my Tumblr.
In other news, I found a wonderful recipe from a manga to make flan, it worked out so much better than mine and I thought I'd share it with you but I'll save that for another post.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Burger Cupcakes Recipes

Gah, sorry about the size...I had to make it smaller instead of using original size. Feel free to double-click it though if you have trouble reading it.
Hooray guys, it's finally done! I'm not sure why I took so long on it, well I am, but I still think it's ridiculous how long it's been since I've submitted an actual doodled recipe. I'm getting back into the swing of things so no worries.
Anyways, I'll be making these soon and writing a review so tuned for that and happy cookins!~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 New Recipes Coming Up

Damn my inconsistency with this blog, I'm really sorry (hehe, broken record player syndrome). I seem to be doodling more and other things than doing recipes, I haven't even baked in forever. But I will be this weekend, my friend and I are going to be baking my birthday cake (Cake 2/3; I had one yesterday, will have one this weekend, and then the pedobear cake the following weekend).  Which, by the way, I had a nice 18th birthday yesterday, I spent my afternoon at the mall with my best friend, came home, had cake, and then another friend stopped by. Fun fun. I honestly don't feel any older though, despite the fact I'm 18, but meh, it'll probably set in eventually... 
Anyways, Past and upcoming recipes all in one canvas (no words on these, those get added on later with photoshop. x3) ; the new ones are a surprise even though one is fairly obvious (it is not a burger though, is but it isn't :P) compared to the other. :D

Zero says (9:57 PM)
And what’s the other thing? Looks like a piece of crumpled paper. xD
This made my night. xD

I hope everyone's doing well and your blogging experience is way more successful than mine. Haha.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tortilla Recipe (Semi-homemade)

    Well... I've still been far too busy to doodle those recipes but I remembered last year I had taken some step by step pictures on making homemade tortillas using store bought tortilla flour (note: I do know how to make them from scratch from my mum my mum is Honduran so of course she'd know to make them and teach me since they're a big thing in her country, but it's one of those cases where it's done guesstimating and not by measurement... D:)

Flour Torilla using the Flour Tortilla flour/mix
Because there's so many pictures I'll be posting thumbnails, you can click them to see them bigger. =]

This is the mix I'm using, Quaker Harina Preparada para Tortillas. You can find this at Walmart/Target in the baking/flour section. If not there, try the area with Latin American food:
There's directions on the back for how many you want to make. It's pretty straight forward but meh, doing a tutorial on it anyways. :D
  • You will need a large bowl, a skillet, a rolling pin, counter space, a measuring cup,and hands (I REALLY hope you have these). xD
  • Since I made 12 tortillas, I used 2 cups of the tortilla flour and a 1/2 cup of warm water:
  • Now mix it together with your hands until it thickens into a dough:

  • When it begin to thicken, knead it; this may take a while and your arms might be sore but it's worth it:
  • Now let it sit for about 5-10 minutes, cover it with a cloth or something:
  • Once it's been 5 minutes, take it out and knead it a little:
  • Now make it into a bunch of tiny balls, 12 in this case:
  • Take one of the little balls of dough and smash it in your hand to flat it out a bit. Then set it down and push in from the middle and out so it stretches a little. You want it relatively thin but not too thin, with is when the rolling pin will come in:

  • Now turn on your cast iron skillet to medium heat and let it heat up. Then put your tortilla on it. For the love of the noms, please do not put oil on the skillet, we are not frying this, I promise they will not stick. Let it cook on one side, think of pancakes...just make sure you're checking on it every so often so it's not burning:
  • Flip over after 30-50 seconds or so (time may vary) after placing it down. They cook quick. It should look like this, even a little darker:
  • Now flip that baby over, let it cook, then take remove it and place it wrapped in a towel so it stays warm:

And now you're done!
I suggest making Baleadas with this which are:
"baleada is a wheat flour tortilla, often quite thick, folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans"
Basically a soft-shell taco but with just beans and cheese, though you can add whatever you'd like to it like eggs, ground beef, pork, etc.

On an unrelated note, I turn 18 next month and I already have an idea for my birthday cake this year:
Yes, I do have a tumblr, it's art-related though, please don't kill me. I do apologize for the watermark, though, I've had some trouble with my art theft here on blogger, but it's all settle now. x3
But anyways, yeah, I thought this would be silly; have pedobear walking away somewhat disappoint because I'll no longer be jailbait. I might change up the design later on for the actual cake, I'm not big on just having myself doing nothing in the corner there and the fact it's only a bust-shot bothers me too. But yeah, that's the basic idea.
Last year's cake looked like this (oh the terrible proportions; check out those different arm lengths T~T):

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baking sugar cookies

Well, good news. I'll be posting 2 new recipes up this week (probably during the weekend); I was able to make homemade chocolate and now I'm in the process of making homemade sugar cookies.
Warning: Excuse the messy bed-head hair, hehe. :3
Ta-da! A big bowl of cookie dough so far. This is a shit-load of cookie dough, funny story I was reading this recipe and didn't look at how much it yields (don't know what I was thinking). So I'm standing over at the counter (woo it's messy right now, sorry about that. ^_^;;) and I'm reading the recipe and it's asking for large amounts of sugar, butter, flour, etc. so I figured it would be big....I'm used to the normal 25-cookie recipes.
Well it turns out this one's supposed to yield 60 cookies. 60! And don't get me wrong, I love cookies but that is a bit too much for me and my family. Now I'm thinking of seeing if I can mail them to people (friends that live out of state) and give some to neighbors. If the mailing process is successful and they don't spoil maybe I can start up some home-business based on baking cookies and stuff. I think it would be a neat and fun way to make money. We'll see though.
But anyways, I'll let you know how it comes out. I've got this crazy plan to try and make them into shapes of my chibis and decorate them like so with royal icing. x3

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home-made chocolate, you say?

       Welp, it's 5 am and I should be working on a project for economics and various assignments for other online classes but I'll get to them later. So 2 days ago my neighbor picked us a TON of strawberries, I'm talking two bowls full. I can't figure out what to make with them, I really don't want strawberry shortcake, perhaps I'll make strawberry sorbet. Anyways, I was craving some strawberries and chocolate, but of course, we had no chocolate and I can't drive (nor do I have the money to run to the store and buy chocolate if I could drive) so I was like "Fuck". I remembered we have some cocoa powder though and I figured there's got to be a way to make chocolate or at least a chocolate sauce using that and a few other ingredients. So I googled it and sure enough, there is a way.
     So I make it, ended up using all my cocoa powder, some milk, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Very simple to make and it doesn't taste too bad, I'm assuming at least because my cocoa powder was pretty old but it tasted fine. It's rich and has a fairly nice color and texture to it as long as you sift the sugar before adding it in or it'll clump up. I think the amount of butter was a little high, though. I'll probably make a recipe tomorrow and alter it a bit to my liking and hopefully yours too, who likes buttery chocolate anyways? D:
      I've still got loads of strawberries left:
That's not even all of it. Hopefully I'll figure out what to make with it and freeze the rest for later.

Oh! On a side note, I'm really happy because I saw someone bought 2 shirts of mine on my zazzle, 2! ;////;

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Future Recipe Ideas

I've currently got nothing made (recipe wise) to post but I do want to keep this blog as active as possible. Maybe I'll post pictures of desserts and food in between as inspiration and to keep the blog active.
I've got my cookbook on my lap right now, it's a Southern cookbook that I bought while in New Orleans years back. It's got tons of dessert recipes, most I haven't even tried yet, so that'll be a goal for this year and see how many I can make. Of course, I'll doodle out the recipes and post them. I'm also thinking of doing more than just desserts and sweets though, I'd also want to do recipes for things you'd eat for dinner, etc. the only problem is when I cook I don't use recipes most of the time and I guess instead of measuring. I'm sure I can find a way around that though.

Okay, okay, enough ranting and onto the ideas.
^Puppy Chow
^Burger cupcakes
^Strawberry Sorbet
(Img removed since it was giving a fake log in page)
^Coffee Popsicles
And I'll probably make another list as I think of more things.
Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments, though; I'm open to new foods and new ideas always. :D

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recipe Success (Tried by a friend of mine)

His take on it:
" using white chocolate flavor pudding because that sounds way better :3"

"should have let it cool more :3

1) taking it out of the pan and
2) putting glaze on

polar bears.

made a pool of glaze on the plate :3"
"this is probably.
the best thing ive ever tasted."

So there you go guys, the recipe works not just for me but for him too (and neighbhors who have tried it in the past). So good luck and happy baking, and if you want a rainbow rum cake like his, go for it!
You can almost hear the colors.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Malibu Rum Cake Recipe

Pro tip:
For the glaze, you can actually add the rum in after boiling everything else for the glaze.

Real picture:

Glaze looks like jizz, haha. Anyways, the glaze will be runnier and thinner than this, I just tried thickening it...didn't like the glaze thick.
My bro's making one later today and he's gonna take pics so I'll upload that here if he lets me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hi guys

Hi guys (my 17 followers and other random visitors),

Sorry for the lack of new stuff lately, kind of been busy and lazy. I did bake a cake over the weekend though, a Malibu Rum Cake, and it came out great (I've been making it for years). I'll doodle out the recipe soon and then post real pictures of it.

Also if you guys have suggestions feel free to leave a comment and state it there. ^_^

Friday, February 18, 2011

Flan Recipe Review

Well...the flan recipe is a major fail that was just waiting to happen. I decided to try it out yesterday and I found myself making the ugliest flan/puddi I've ever seen as well as burning my finger and melting a rubber spatula. My boyfriend suggested I redo it, after I showed him pictures of how it turned out, but I decided I'd post it anyways as a heads up for that recipe (I recommend not using it, I'm going to try finding a better recipe to work with and actually test it out before doodling it out so I don't waste my time) as well as a way to learn from my mistake. I am by no means professional and I'd hate for anyone to think that I am, try a recipe, watch it fail, and complain to me.

Well let's start out with....
 Failures In the Recipe

  • The ingredients seemed alright, the flan tasted good and the texture was good very simplified version. 
  • The caramelized sugar part for the topping gave me some trouble, it was a disaster only in the sense that I ended up melting my rubber spatula (lol, what was I thinking) and burning my finger.
  • The custard part... I had no problems while mixing it together or anything like that.
  • The cooking time was WAY off, 6 minutes my ass. After 6 minutes in the oven it was wasn't even close to being cooked or custard-like at all, it was extremely liquidy. I ended up having to cook it for about 20 minutes and even then it was still a bit runny in the middle.
  • The recipe lacked an important thing, according to my mum, and that would be that when cooking your flan in the pan it should be surrounded by water in another pan. I'm guessing the reason being for this is to keep the sugar warm enough to where it won't burn. Though for the last 5 minutes of cooking I did put it in water because mum said to do it.
Flan in a pan surrounded by water.

Flan flipped upside down onto a plate (still in the glass pan).
Some sugar clumps didn't melt all the way:

And the fail of the century, I should've let it cool down more:

Yep, so...I'm not happy with the results and the recipe so I will redo this eventually, both the recipe doodle and rebaking it and showing results.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Fortune Cookies

       I thought it'd be a good idea to post pictures of how the recipes turn out so you know it won't be total crap. My goal would be to have tried out all recipes listed, show your pictures, and give them my own review on how they turn out. I've yet to make the mini-cupcakes, microwave brownies, or flan but I have made the fortune cookies two or three times now and I love how they turn out.

      So first review would be the Fortune Cookies. Here is how they turned out:

So as you can see they're not a complete fail (excluding the one being pointed to on the bottom photo and that was no mistake, I didn't it that way because it wasn't folding right). They come out pretty big, though, so play around with the amount you spoon onto the span. I like mine bigger than the average fortune cookie, and even with the size of the ones I have I managed to make about 16 or so.

  • I strongly recommend starting off with baking 2 at a time first. You will need the cookies to be hot still to fold them into the shape or they will break on you.
  • Because they're hot I also suggest you use gloves so you don't burn your fingers.
  • I put my finished ones in a muffin tin so they would maintain their shape while cooling off.
My Review:
I've never had home-made fortune cookies before and I'm not Chinese so it's not like family has made them before. They're nothing like the mass-produced ones, though, they're softer and a little chewier in some spots. They taste almost the same to me. I really enjoyed making them and eating them; speaking of making time you'll need to make sure you have enough time to make these. I spent over an hour making just one batch and that's because I would bake 2 at a time and such.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mini Cupcakes Recipe

To see actual pictures of what they look like and the process of them being made please visit
For the cookie cutter shape and size, it is recommended you use a flower-shaped one that is 1.25" wide X .75" tall.
Candy melts can be found at an local grocery store or craft store in the baking section. ^_^

Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies

Sorry, I'm a day late on this. I could've sworn I uploaded it on here already but I guess not. Anyways, this recipe works for any day though, just minus the food coloring and you have yourself home-made fortune cookies. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flan Recipe

The two milks used are Condensed milk and Evaporated milk, just to clarify since it's a bit hard to read what they say.